Magikarp Inspired Drawstring Bag - Pokemon

Magikarp Inspired Drawstring Bag - Pokemon

25 USD
Bring your berries, Pokeballs, potions, and other adventurer necessities in this Magikarp drawstring bag. Just remember to keep your Repels and Cosmogs seperate!

- Made out of soft short faux fur fabric
- Nylon rope
- Felt fabric for details

54x49 CM including tail and fins
40x36 CM actual luggage space

Care Instructions
- This item includes parts that are hand sewn and is not intended for rough play
- Machine wash it on the gentle/delicate cycle. Use cool water
- DO NOT use bleach or any alcohol based cleaning product
- Due to the handmade nature of each item, variations are natural and should be expected. Due to screen colors may slightly vary. This is a fan made item.

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Item: 800php